PERIOSCOPY is a minimally invasive & cost effective treatment of gum disease. It has has long been a standard of care around the world & now it is available in New Zealand.  



Perioscopy is a revolutionary procedure featuring a medical grade miniature endoscope, which enables your clinician to effectively diagnose and treat the areas beneath the gum line, avoiding the need for surgical intervention.


Minimally invasive

The gums are numbed up and the endoscope is inserted into the periodontal pocket, allowing the clinician to gain an illuminated and magnified view of the root structures. Slender manual and power driven instruments are then used in real time to remove harmful bacterial deposits from deep periodontal pockets.  Once the meticulous cleaning is complete your gums can start to heal naturally.


Cost effective

The cost of treatment can vary depending on the severity of your gum disease. During the initial consultation an estimated treatment plan will be given: however, endoscopy is considerably cheaper then surgery. Also unlike surgery no post operative or suture removal appointments are needed, allowing you to return to your everyday life faster while enjoying the benefits of your healthy gums.