Structurally compromised teeth require crowns for long-term protection.

Failed old composite filling replaced with strong core and porcelain crown. The patient can now eat without pain. Life is back to normal! 

Heavily restored molars with old amalgam fillings that are leaky. safe removal of amalgam has been done under rubber dam, then the two molars been protected with custom-made ceramic crowns, while the wisdom tooth has been removed.

Another molar with a big old amalgam filling associated with a large carious lesion. The old filling and the decay have been removed under rubber dam isolation then sealed and restored to perfection with hand-made ceramic crown.

Patch-up dentistry needing updating. Three crowns brought these teeth back to normal. Quadrant dentistry has its’ advantages.

Another example of good use of crowns bringing many years of use for this client.

Heavily restored molars were showing signs of deterioration. Patient opted to get a combination of gold and ceramic crowns to get the best of both worlds.

Two gold crowns. Gold is one of the most durable materials in dentistry.

Victoria Riechelmann