Whether Gum Infection, Disease, Gingivitis, or Inflammation, visit a Dentist Who Has the Latest Non-Invasive Treatment in Auckland

Gum infection can affect any of us at some point in our life. Our mouths are continually accumulating bacteria, which can escalate depending on our diet and lifestyle. If we fail to find effective ways of minimising or eliminating the build-up of bacteria, it will progress from plague to tartar, becoming impossible to eradicate with brushing alone. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss after the age of 35.

There are many procedures to treat gum disease and restore tooth loss out there. However, it’s rare to find one that’s not only cost-effective but non-invasive. In the case of tooth loss, it’s always better to prevent loss than to find replacements. No replacement will work as well as your natural teeth.

Fortunately, Clean Teeth Dental offers a non-invasive and cost-effective gum disease treatment in Auckland that’s right for you.

We’re dedicated to preserving our patients’ teeth, and we demonstrate that through years of experience and knowledge in learning advanced dental technology and training in a specialist Periodontist clinic. We believe in only offering the finest that’s out there in oral health, and we don’t take shortcuts in providing the right treatment for you within your budget.

A Gum Treatment Dentist in Auckland That Provides a Rare Find in NZ

We’re a dental clinic located in the Auckland North Shore that offers Perioscopy, an advanced technology that’s non-invasive and cost-effective. We’re one of two clinics in the area that provides this technology, which has been a standard of care around the world for many years.

Perioscopy’s value comes in its non-invasive procedure that makes it a more comfortable choice than surgery. A highly recommended gum infection treatment to Auckland patients, it is very effective for patients with diabetes, pregnant women, and smokers. 

Cost varies depending on severity, but it will always be a cheaper option than surgery, and we aim to give you the right treatment for your situation and budget.

A Clinic Providing Even More Than Perioscopy to Auckland

Though Perioscopy is one of our primary services for gum inflammation treatment for Auckland patients, we offer so much more, a few being dental teeth whitening, extractions, bridges and custom-made crowns using a variety of materials such as gold, full porcelain, or composite resins. 

Our clinic is a purposely built beautiful practice that instantly makes you feel comfortable and at home. Our staff are ready to listen to your concerns and needs, tailoring a treatment plan that is clinically viable and fits within your budget. Look at our patient testimonials, and you’ll quickly see that we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to the oral health of our patients. 

Ready to try the latest in gingivitis treatment in Auckland? Contact us today to set up a consultation. We’re open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.