Advanced Cleaning and Treatment for Periodontal Disease Without Surgery – Boutique Clinic Serving Auckland 

Periodontal disease is more common and easy to contract than you may think. Simply neglecting to brush and floss regularly can quickly cause plaque to accumulate under the gums, leading to gum disease. If ignored, that can lead to tooth loss.

Fortunately, you can look forward to investing in your oral health with an advanced periodontal treatment at Clean Teeth Dental. We’re a dental clinic that offers periodontal disease treatment and cleaning in Auckland’s North Shore. 

With our primary goal of preventing gum disease, our focus is on Perioscopy and Cosmetic Dentistry, and we’re one of only two clinics in NZ that has the equipment and training to provide periodontal Perioscopy.

When you step into our clinic, you’ll forget you’re at the dentist. Our staff are friendly and aim to create an environment that is comforting and relaxing. Speaking five languages (English, Russian, Arabic, Uzbek, and New Zealand Sign Language), communication is at the top of our list. Whatever concerns you have with your oral health or if you merely want a cleaning, we’ll assist you in achieving your goal of healthy gums and an enduring smile.

A Non-Invasive Alternative to Periodontal Surgery in Auckland

If your concern is treating your teeth with the least amount of discomfort and money, Perioscopy may be right for you. Globally, Perioscopy is the standard of care, and very few clinics provide the service in the area. In fact, apart from us, there’s only one other clinic that offers this service. 

What makes this technology preferable to others is its non-invasive nature, which can save your teeth without the inconveniences of surgery. Once the procedure is over, you can continue with your day with a cleaner, healthier smile. Even better, the costs are lower than surgery procedures, so you will be saving both your teeth and your money.

Go with a Dental Clinic That’s Invested in Your Oral Health

Choose a practice that cares about preserving your teeth, not replacing them. We invest heavily in dental technology and have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of periodontal health. 

Beyond treating gum disease, we offer a variety of services that gives you control over your dental health. We offer cosmetic enhancements, full mouth reconstruction, crowns, veneers, and fillings. We stock a wide range of dental products in our clinic or through our online store that are tried and tested, delivering you only the highest quality. 

Eliminate the fears you have about your oral health and smile again by contacting us today. Serving Auckland, we provide the latest technology in periodontal health that’s rare to find out there. Save money, time, and most importantly your teeth with us.