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Our primary goal is PREVENTION of dental diseases which is good for your health and good for your budget. Our approach to care enables you to gain the control over your DENTAL HEALTH back. In today's disposable world we aim to make the teeth you already have and the dentistry you have already paid for, LAST you longer.

Perioscopy is a great non-surgical alternative for patients with diabetes, pregnant women, smokers or anyone who has periodontal disease. It's a great alternative to flap surgery or if you have unresponsive sites despite your past history of flap surgery. Perioscopy because its non-invasive, definitive and cost effective. We’re a Dental clinic on the North Shore with a difference. Our Dentist is a General dentist as well as a Cosmetic dentist, for any dental treatment that you need don’t hesitate to call us on (09) 600 3110.


Teeth Treatment

WE provide all aspects of general dentistry from a simple check up to a full-mouth reconstruction.  We believe that prevention is better then cure! However if you need some dental work done, or want to enhance your smile cosmetically, we would be happy to help.

Gum treatment

WE are delighted to offer our patients a definitive non-surgical treatment of gum disease which was previously only available overseas or through a specialist periodontal clinic. With the help of Perioscopy we can save more teeth than ever before. It's a real game changer!  



WE stock a wide range of specialized dental products available for sale thought the clinic or via our on-line store. All products are tried and tested  and only the best ones make it to the list.  Browse the product range now or sign up to receive our monthly promotional newsletter.

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