We are very grateful to have many loyal clients. As a team we believe in exceeding expectations of our patients and always strive to make their experience a positive one! 

Thank you for choosing Clean Teeth Dental

The customer care is par excellence! The way the team engages with its clients is admirable. You are actually treated as a unique individual rather than just another number. How wonderful is that? The time and attention given to you are such a wow factor. Thank you so much. I am a very happy contented customer.
— Elsie Barias (October 2019)

This review is more for those who are in an emergency situation, pregnant and mortally afraid of dentists 😁. I’m pregnant and had a hell of a toothache plus a serious infection. I contacted several clinics at the same time and no one responded to help me except “CLEAN TEETH DENTAL”. My situation turned out to be very complicated and urgent, as some drugs could not be used during pregnancy. Victoria and Marwan worked with me for 5 days, and were in touch all 24 hours a day, even after successful treatment, they are still interested in my condition. These guys are professionals. Amazing atmosphere, everything is clean, tidy, new equipment, technologies, convenient payment system and good prices. Many thanks to Victoria and Marwan for their amazing attitude towards me, patience and for the excellent work done at the highest level. Now I will remain a regular customer and definitely recommend this clinic. You are in the safe hands of these guys.
— Василиса Москалёва (September 2019)

I found Clean Teeth Dental through a Google search and I am more than over the moon with the treatment I have received. Right from entering the practice I felt overwhelmed with the amazing service. All the staff members I met were so friendly and caring. The standard of work was just so high. It was my first time experiencing a dental dam while getting a filling and this method just makes so much more sense, it’s so hygienic I feel this should just be normal practice! I now question all the dental work in my mouth that has ever been done. Along with this, it was also the first time I had experienced Photographs being taken during every stage. I got to see the decay in my teeth and the new filling compared to the old filling, seeing these pics made me feel far more cared for and I could really understand what is going on in my mouth. All the care was gentle and I felt so relaxed the whole time. I can never go to another dentist again!!
— Jasmine George (September 2019)

Victoria was so lovely and considerate and explained my situation in a way that really made sense. I was so impressed with the amazing results of my Air Polishing Treatment being a shade whiter in one visit, I am actually excited to go to my next hygiene visit!! Victoria even had a great tool as a suggestion I have never seen at any normal Dentist and its simple but works a treat!! I would highly recommend Victoria and her friendly, professional team!! I love to boast of my unique experience with Clean Teeth Dental!!!
— Dee Neilson (July 2019)

I recently had my teeth bleached and was thoroughly impressed with the service and care that the team provided. I found them to be very professional and educational when it came to my procedure. I would have no hesitation in recommending them
— Friena Sands (May 2019)

Victoria and Marwan are the dynamic duo of dentistry. Victoria sorts out problems below the gum line while Marwan focuses on problems above the gum line. You’re passion for dental is so contagious now I’m flossing everyday. I’m so thankful for all that you have taught me also for the most amazing clean and genuine care you both have had for me in the chair. I would highly recommended this pair you’ll never find a better team.
— Erena Alexander (January 2019)

Хочу сказать огромное спасибо Виктории за ее профессионализм и любовь к своей работе! Она замечательный специалист, добрый и приятный в общении человек! А главное что она с душой относится к своей работе и пациентам. К ней хочется приходить снова и снова. Виктория!,спасибо тебе большое!
— Marina Gurina (January 2019)

I was hesitant to switch from my original dental hygienist, where I was going in the last 10 years annually, however a friend recommended Victoria and today I had my teeth cleaned. I have to say I am converted , she was so thorough and did a detailed charting and examination, plus the staining which shows the plaque and cleaned perfectly. I have bad stain which is nearly impossible to clean unless you use air polishing device. Totally worth the price! Thank you!
— Esther Watai (November 2018)

Victoria from Clean Teeth Dental has to be one of the best and most gentle hygienist that I have ever been to. She shows incredible knowledge and skill and her patient care is outstanding. Forget the large franchise dental practices, go to Clean Teeth Dental!
— Darren Clayworth (November 2018)

From start to finish the team at Clean teeth dental were fantastic. Everything was explained clearly and any questions were answered happily. I highly recommend them.
— Lauren Reid (October 2018)

Wow what a difference, thank you Marwan and Victoria for transforming my teeth. I couldn’t believe that the wear and tear on my teeth could be reversed. I can smile again with confidence. Thank you for accommodating me with extra time due to my travel to your clinic which was well worth it.
— Egan Gennilis ( OCTOBER 2018)

I have tried perioscopy, it was really good & all the staff in the clinic are good, as well as the clinic is so clean & modern.
— Balsam Toma (October 2018)

Came in just the other day for my teeth clean with Victoria, was very satisfied with the professional and friendly service, clear advice on the treatment and on how to look after my teeth better in future. It was great to receive a comprehensive examination during this procedure, which I didn’t encounter before I came here.
— Violetta Mostovaya (October 2018)

Thank you for an excellent service you have provided for my partner. She is very happy and her teeth look amazing. We will definitely recommend you to everyone. Great customer service and professional staff. All the best for you guys!
— Jakub Malinowski (September 2018)

Right from my initial visit with Victoria about my teeth and in gums, I knew I was in the best possible hands. Together with her colleague Marwan, they focused on what is best for me and put everything in simple laymen terms, that even I can understand. The whole team at Clean Teeth are amazing and I have eventually found the dental practice that will look after me and my dental health for many years to come. Thanks Victoria :)
— Nigel Griffin (September 2018)

Thank you so much Victoria for keeping my smile 100%. Fabulous care and attention to detail, and a totally professional and cost-effective service - definitely worth travelling for!
— Geraldine Managh (September 2018)

It’s upsetting to be told you have gum disease, its even more upsetting to be told the only treatment is to have your gums shaved, and, it doesn’t often work. My research lead me to Victoria, and her pain free and non-invasive treatment is totally effective. I can’t recommend her and the team highly enough.
— Mike Rose (September 2018)

The team at Clean Teeth Dental are so helpful. Victoria has been so good with helping me get my mouth looking great again. She has totally transformed me. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Paul Mullally (September 2018)

Thank you Vika for a thorough clean - totally non invasive and also thank you for proactively identifying that a restoration was required. Service was excellent!
— Colwyn Culverwell (August 2018)

Super Clean, Super Friendly, Super Experienced and Super Professional. I had really positive experience here. With Victoria and thoroughly recommend Clean Teeth Dental.
— Cavan Boyle

This dental service is amazing they made me feel so relaxed I have been so afraid of dentist my whole life but this team have made me feel so comfortable and they have done an amazing job on my teeth I can actually smile with confidence . I would recommend them to anyone who just needs that little bit of reassurance on mouth hygiene thank you so much Victoria and Marwan for a fantastic job done on my teeth
— Marilyn Hicks (September 2018)

How fortunate I have been to have had Victoria working on my teeth and gums. Victoria has saved my teeth! Her dedication and passion to her work is second to none. NZ is fortunate to have someone of her expertise available in this area of dental care. I will be travelling to Auckland soon to continue in my treatment and feel 100% confident that I will be well taken care of in every aspect. Thank you Victoria I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me.
— Caroline Smith (August 2018)

Victoria is very talented hygienist. I visited her before she opened her clinic. I am very pleased with treatment. It was made on very high professional level. I highly recommend her for all who want to have healthy teeth!!!
— EY (June 2018)

Victoria is amazing. She is really informative and puts things in a way that is easy to comprehend. She is incredibly thorough and will give you advice and show you the best tips and tricks to keep your gums happy and healthy.
— Jamie Moar (June 2018)

Awesome job. Great value for money option. Victoria has been very pro-active in diagnosing my issues and responding adequately to what was required for me rather than inflating the services used.
— Max Ossipov (June 2018)

I didn’t believe in tooth fairies before this week. I have had some unpleasant experiences when it came to visiting the dentist, to the point of needing sedation & sadly not visiting a dentist for over 11 years. I have had  many oral health procedures carried out, including my 4 wisdom teeth extracted, full orthodontic work, crowns, fillings & root canal work.
In all my many experiences as a patient I have never had dental treatment carried out so professionally & without any discomfort what so ever. Before, during & after my treatment Ms Riechelmann clearly informed me of what she was about to do & what was needed, which reassured me.
It has been an eye opener & an education to the necessity & importance of periodontal treatment. If I had ignored this I would without a doubt be facing the need for dentures in my later years.
Now I believe in a tooth fairy :-) Thank you Ms Riechelmann & the team at Clean Teeth Dental. Highly recommended!
— Geoff B (June 2018)

Victoria sets a very high standard in dental care that other clinicians can only follow. People living in the vicinity of Clean Teeth Dental have gained a great asset in Experience and Knowledge when it comes to dental care.
— Aaron Mcdowell (June 2018)

Victoria Riechelmann is an extremely thorough, knowledgeable and caring hygienist. Her passion for perfection makes her trustworthy and competent.
She took time to ensure I understood what her treatment regime involved, when it would take place and what was expected from me.
Victoria is friendly and professional and followed up her treatments with personal contact to ensure all was well.
— Yvonne, Auckland (August 2018)

Victoria does an amazing job - thanks to her my husband will keep all his teeth! We are more than happy to travel over 2 hours from up north for her to work her magic! So pleased that she has her own practice. She has a wonderful personality and instantly puts you at ease. Gentle, informative, friendly - we can highly recommend her.
— Trudi Martin (July 2018)

Thank you Victoria for helping my mother to fix her gum disease. Perioscopy was better and easier then she expected. She was very worried as she was told by her other dentist she would loose all her upper teeth. She was told that the only way to deal with her gum disease is to extract them all. Now she can eat and smile. Thank you again. Your skills are second to none.
— Nastya M (June 2018)

Victoria is the best hygienist I’ve ever been to, very knowledgeable but also encouraging and helpful with all sorts of tips and tricks for at home care. I miss her not being in Palmy and may have to make special trips to see her in Auckland to get my teeth cleaned.
— Amey Bell-Booth (June 2018)

Extremely capable and talented Hygienist that achieves excellent clinical outcomes.
I have worked alongside and observed Victoria in her previous practice.
Her patients have full confidence and a high regard for her.

I highly recommend Victoria.
— Charlotte Neame RDH (June 2018)

She was very nice and did a very thorough job! I’d definitely go back and I felt so comfortable there.
— Kim (July 2018)

Victoria is great specialist, she gave me the best advice about general dental hygiene as well as about more complicated case of implant
— Maria Kornakova (June 2018)

Great service and awesome staff, very immaculate place of work. Would highly recommend :)
— Samantha Alexander (June 2018)

Lovely service, friendly atmosphere will definitely come again.
— Natasha Smirnova (June 2018)

Victoria is an experienced clinician in a modern facility. Quality in substance and style
— Thomas Lu (June 2018)

Happy with service and the result. Thanks.
— Mikhail Pertziger (June 2018)

Great cleaning service and friendly staff.
— Mazen Kasser (July 2018)

Great service definitely coming back thanks
— Marko Jovic (June 2018)

(Translated by Google) Victoria is a wonderful doctor! It helped to improve the condition of my teeth and gums. Before Victoria, I was treated by many doctors, but the problem did not go away. Now I go through treatment only in Victoria and I recommend it to everyone.

Виктория-замечательный доктор!!! Она помогла улучшить состояние моих зубов и десен. До Виктории я лечились у многих врачей, но проблема не уходила. Теперь прохожу лечение только у Виктории и всем рекомендую.
— Svetlana N (June 2018)

Victoria did a great job when I saw her! As well as doing an extremely thorough clean of my teeth she helped me understand better where the problem areas are and how to clean them better - and suggested a new tooth brush as well! I would absolutely recommend her.
— Hector Bassett (August 2018)

Best clean ever!
— Julie Whitcombe (August 2018)

Thank you so much Victoria Riechelmann & Dr Marwan Wadea for a wonderful experience at your clinic. I was the lucky recipient of a consultation prize worth $295 !! Without knowing really what to expect I was pleasantly surprised. Both of them making me feel comfortable thru the process, explaining each step to me and why it’s important, showing me what the problems were, how they could be corrected and what I need to do to be better prepared for the process of getting new implants. Very professional and lovely 😊 people. Will go back in 3 months to start the first part of my journey. Was given a $50 voucher to give away to someone & I would highly recommend them to anyone !!! So so grateful I get to add value to them in this place. They certainly have added value to my smile and my future dental wellness !!!
— Kororia Kahui-Ariki