Smile Planner- Say “I do" to your smile


Wedding day is a beautiful event of love and laughter and there is no better time to transform your smile. Dr Marwan Wadeaholds a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry (Otago) and understands the intricacies and complexities involved in delivering a beautiful cosmetic result.

12 months before the wedding day - Schedule an appointment for a dental consultation. Plenty of time to make the right decisions regarding your smile without the time pressure. We have done it before and are here to help you to get the smile you will love!

9-12 months before the wedding day - Invisalign. If you have misaligned teeth -Invisalign is a practical solution to get your pearly whites in a perfect row. Most cases only need 6-9 months of treatment.

6 months before the wedding day - Dental Veneers long have been the product of choice in most cosmetic cases. Thin, minimally invasive and naturally beautiful coverings for the front surface of your teeth. Veneers are a powerful tool when a dramatic transformation is required-they have the potential to change the shape, position and colour of your teeth.

1 month before the wedding day - Teeth whitening and a professional clean. Revitalise and make your smile whiter and brighter emitting a picture perfect lustre. We use high end products which are gentle on your teeth. Air Polishing is an effortless way to say goodbye to wine and coffee stains.

We have payment plans to suit most budgets. Please contact us on 09 6003110 and we can help you to say ¨I do¨ with confidence!