A Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment for Gum Disease in Auckland That Will Save Your Teeth

Clean Teeth Dental is a clinic in Auckland that’s invested in helping you preserve your teeth through the prevention of gum disease. We focus comprehensively on dental technology, particularly Perioscopy and cosmetic dentistry. Having extensive experience and knowledge through training in a specialist Periodontist office, we’re one of two clinics that offer an advanced technology that can save you money and allow you to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Behind the Cost-Effective Technology for Non Surgical Gum Disease Treatment 

We aim to save your teeth while providing you with the most advanced and cost-effective treatment. Perioscopy has long been a standard of care globally and is now being made available in NZ, with our clinic being one of only two places providing the technology in Auckland. 

This non-surgical gum treatment uses a medical grade miniature endoscope that allows the dentist to diagnose and treat below the gum line accurately, avoiding the need for surgical procedures. The gums are then numbed, and the endoscope is inserted into the periodontal cavity, which allows the dentist to see the root structures, magnified and illuminated. A slender instrument then removes bacterial deposits from the deep cavities, allowing the gums to heal naturally.

Afterwards, you can go about your day with no discomfort and no follow up appointments. This periodontal treatment is ideal for those who don’t want invasive surgical procedures, and who want to save time and money.

Advanced Oral Health Care in a Clinic That Treats You as Family

Along with our dedication and passion for preventing tooth loss by treating gum disease, we are dedicated to providing a service that makes you feel at home. Our staff puts our patients first, welcoming you with friendly faces the moment you step into our clinic.

With flexible hours from Monday through Saturday, we do more than just treat gum disease. We also provide general dentistry and check-ups and an extensive range of exclusive dental products that are tried and tested, leaving only our top choices to choose from our clinic or online.

Don’t wait to give yourself the gift of an everlasting smile; choose Perioscopy for the health of your gums and teeth. Our treatment in Auckland is more cost-effective than surgery, and we aim to offer precisely what you need and want. Contact us today to take control of your oral health.