Why Might You Need Professional, Cosmetic Dental Teeth Whitening in Auckland?

If your teeth are yellowed or stained, a cosmetic teeth whitening may be in store for you. Our teeth can become damaged and stained by any number of everyday activities, such as drinking tea or excessively smoking. Even those who keep up with good dental health may still need that extra boost to get their teeth back to looking fresh and pearly white. At Clean Teeth Dental, we are your place to turn to for professional teeth whitening in Auckland. Our quality cosmetic dentistry will examine your teeth and figure out how to best get your mouth looking its best. Teeth whitening is not just for extreme cases; it is for anyone looking to improve the aesthetic quality of their smile. We help many patients with their dental whitening needs and we are more than happy to help you.

Common Reasons Your Teeth Become Yellow or Stained

Your teeth can become yellow and stained, even if brushing and flossing every day. Our teeth go through a lot, and there are some everyday habits you may not even know are damaging your teeth. Here are just a few habits that often lead to patients needing teeth whitening in Auckland.

Coffee, Tea or Red Wine - Coffee or tea may get you through the day, but at a cost to the colour of your teeth. The properties of these drinks are unfortunately rough on our teeth, and regular drinkers may realise that their teeth have become yellowed or stained. 

Smoking and Vaping - For years we have known that smoking cigarettes leads to damaged, yellow teeth, but did you know vaping has a similar effect? Like cigarettes, vaping leads to a build-up of plaque and damages the gums. While it may be a better alternative to smoking, it is sadly no better for your teeth.

Contact Us for Dental Whitening in Auckland Today

If you have noticed your teeth are not the best colour, contact us for dental whitening in Auckland today. Our dentists take a new, modern approach to whitening services, and our regular patients can attest to this; we are excellent at what we do. We serve all kinds of dental issues, whether they be large or small, so do not be afraid to come to us with whatever issue you are having. Little things tend to build up to affect our dental health, and its best to take care of problems as they arise. Working with one of our dentists, we can determine just what you need and how we can go about working on your teeth. Take back your smile today by contacting us.