Home Care Instructions


We strongly believe that prevention of dental diseases is better than cure therefore, we tailor all Home Care Instructions according to the individual needs of our patients.

Why do I need my Home Care personalized? Unfortunately most people clean their teeth wrong which can lead to irreversible damage to the hard and soft tissues. Looking after your mouth correctly is not hard but a few rules should be observed in order to do it right:

- Use only soft manual tooth brushes and change them every season. Plaque which grows on teeth is soft so soft tooth brushes are more then adequate for its removal. If you find that your teeth are still not feeling smooth then instead of swapping to a harder tooth brushes consider re-evaluating your brushing technique for its’ effectiveness. We love Curaprox manual tooth brushes.

- Electric Tooth brushes is a great aid in keeping your teeth clean. We recommend either Oral-B or Phillips Sonicare Tooth brushes.

-Remember to floss and use inter-dental care products like inter-proximal small ‘bottle brushes” of a correct diameter on a daily basis.

-Daily use of mouth washes can cause a dis-balance in you mouth biome so discuss its’ use with your dental professional before incorporating it into your daily oral care regime.

-Brush your tongue daily. Tongue collects more bacteria then teeth which can cause bad breath. Tongue scrapers are great for this job.

-Use tooth paste with correct content of fluoride. If you have a high risk of decay then we can prescribe a tooth paste with a higher fluoride content for optimal protection.

During your hygiene appointment Victoria will demonstrate correct brushing techniques, advise on the choice of the tooth brushes (electric or manual) and select appropriate inter-dental care products. All products will be demonstrated and practiced so no questions will be left unanswered and your teeth will feel great long after your professional clean is done.

Still not sure on what to do? Give us a call on (09) 600 3110 and schedule consultation appointment. We will be very happy to help.