Amalgam Removal

Why change you amalgam filings?

In the past amalgam fillings of choice and for the lack of better filling material has been used widely. Amalgam fillings playd their part in the oral health of several generations of New Zealanders. Now days most of our work as restorative dentist consists of replacing amalgam fillings. So why should you replace your amalgam fillings:

  • The colour is one of the obvious ones. Its It has a metal appearance which does not match the rest of the tooth standing out in the smile, bringing unnecessary attention to the restorations. Sometimes amalgam fillings can shine through the tooth structure giving it a grey appearance or even tattooing the gum adjacent to the filling.

  • Being metal by nature amalgam filling expands and contracts at a different rate to the natural tooth causing irreversible crack.

We use safe practices :

-we always use rubber dam to prevent any residue going down your throat.

-high volume evacuation suction to reduce vapor discharge

-using water during drilling-therefore reduce vapor




leaky filling with caries…



Rubber dam isolation is the first step in amalgam removal

Amalgam removal reveals the extent of the problem

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Final results

Properly fabricated composite restoration

Victoria Riechelmann