Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums.

Bleeding gums are one of the most common signs of gum disease. Gum disease is a silent disease, it hardly ever gives you noticeable trouble or pain, unless it's too late. It's often a slow progressing disease and many patients are used to having bleeding gums for years before they decide to do something about it. Contrary to other possible bleeding sites on our bodies, bleeding gums do not hurt. Absence of pain gives a false sence of non-importance for the bleeding gums in general. However systemic connection has been long proven between bad oral health and other chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

So what can cause bleeding gums:

-plaque and tartar above or under the gumline

-bad or inadequate oral hygienie

-irregular professional scaling

-faulty and leaky dental restorations

- pregnancy or puberty hormones.

-certain medications

Nursing your bleeding gums into health includes the following steps: -gently but thoroughly brush your gums.

-floss your teeth using correct flossing technique

-use a warm saline water rinse or a mouth wash. Remember using a mouth wash on a regular basis can cause a disbalance in your oral biome. -If bleeding persists then get a gum assessment with a hygienist or a dentist to find out if gum treatment is needed.

Dental problems do not disappear on thier own, but rather accumulate causing more damage and costing more money to fix in the future. The earlier you get a professional gum treatment the easier and cheaper it becomes.

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