What to expect when you see our hygienist Victoria Riechelmann for the first time.

Hello and welcome to our clinic.

Here at Clean Teeth Dental we take gum care seriously.

One of the most common questions we get is how much does teeth cleaning cost?

Firstly our restorative dentist does not do any teeth cleaning. Scaling and polishing is done by the hygienist only.

The cost of teeth cleaning depends on whatever you require a simple scaling and polishing or an actual gum treatment.

Below there is a brief guide to help you figure out what you shall expect when you see me for the first time.

Option one.   If you have had a professional teeth clean done in the last 6 months and your previous hygienist/dentist was happy with your gums because you had no deep periodontal pockets or bleeding, then a simple teeth cleaning might be adequate. The price of scaling and polishing is $205.00 for an appointment which should take about an hour.

Option two. If your gums bleed on brushing or flossing, you have recession, deep periodontal pockets, wiggly or sore to bite on teeth, then you most likely have active gum disease. In this case simple teeth cleaning will not be sufficient. So most likely we will not be doing any treatments on the day, but a periodontal assessment will be offered as the way going forward. During your periodontal assessment ($95.00) you will get a full periodontal charting and will have an opportunity to discuss your diagnosis, treatment plan and all costs involved.

Changing a dentist could be an anxious time, so please let me know if there are any other questions, I may answer for you.

If you get a free minute, please check our portfolio of work https://www.cleanteethdental.co.nz/before-and-after and  our google reviews to see why so many patients made the switch.


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