Floss like a Boss

Love to floss more but not sure if you are doing a good job?

Regular flossing saves your teeth, gums and the make the dentistry you have had already paid for to last you longer.

Below there are a few tips on how to get it right:

1)    You get what you pay for! Choose floss well. Just because it slides well it does not mean it cleans particularly well. We recommend ManFloss or Queen of Clean for the ultimate flossing experience.

2)    Size matters! Use long enough floss – recommended length is around 40 cm. If it is too small it will make it harder to wrap around your middle fingers and will get slippery, causing frustration and a decrease in enthusiasm.

3)    Floss like a Boss!  Make sure your hygienist will do a demo on your teeth. It really helps to get some practice. Flossing is an acquired skill most people can master it given enough time.

4)    Good things take time! If you try to rush it you may miss a few spots. Go gentle but deep enough under the gum to reach natural resistance. Make sure to follow the shape of the teeth and try not to cut into the gums.

5)    Floss only the teeth you want to keep! You have to floss every single little tooth even the teeth standing alone. Remember to floss the very back of your last teeth-also commonly missed areas.

6) Interdental brushes-are a great tool in keeping the your gums healthy but remember they are not a replacement for a floss.

Still not sure what to do? Book an appointment with our dental hygienist, so you too can become a flossing legend.

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Happy Flossing Everyone!