Gum Recession


Have you been Googling gum recession?

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Gums can receed due to inflammation caused by gum disease or excessive wear cause by overbrushing, or other causes like local irritants such as piercing. Gum inflammation is by far the most common cause of receeding gums.

Signs & Symptoms of gum recession are:

- loss of gum tissue
-exposure of the root surface
-increased root sensitivity

Be aware that advanced cases of gum recession can lead to the eventual tooth loss.

What to do to prevent gum recession in the first place or arrest the already present recession?
- regularly visit your dental hygienist (3-4 monthly)
-close monitoring of the progression of the recession through regular periodontal charting (12 monthly)
-use correct tooth brushing technique, ideally switch to an electric Sonicare tooth brush.
-ensure your home care regime is correct and regular.

Can my gums grow back once they receed?

Unfortunatelly the only way to get your lost tissue is a gum graft surgery.  However the graft may not be successful unless your gums are the at their healthiest with no active gum disease.

Contact us for more information on how to treat or prevent gum recession. We are happy to help.

Happy smiling everyone!

Victoria Riechelmann